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Good Things Come To Those Who Thrift! 

In a recent visit to Housing Works Buy The Bag in Park Slope, I was able to fill a bag with 49 pieces of clothing for just $25!

Thrifted Hat: 1.96

Thrifted Asiatica Blouse & Pants : 1.96 each

Fun Facts:

  1. Both pieces were made by the same designer, I thrifted them in two different bins! #ThriftFate
  2. I also hadn’t heard of Asiatica but if you haven’t clicked yet, Asiatica is brand based in Kansas City that create one-of-a-kind garments from vintage Japanese kimono fabrics, contemporary artisanal fabrics from Japan and other luxurious textiles. There pieces retail from $995, Vintage Thrift  SCORE!

Such a soft and breathable the fabric

Blouse does have snag that effects the lining  but for under 2 dollars? Who cares?

 Happy Monday!


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