Swapped Out! 

On January 30th 2016, I hosted my very own Thrift Swap!

Me, It’s On With DeVonne!

 What a way to start the new year!

The swap was a huge success! Thank you to EVERYONE! Those who came, those who helped, those who shared the event information with others, those who sent their well wishes even those that couldn’t make it, those who donated money just to support my passion, my dreams. I thank you! I love you and I mean it with everything when I saw that I was truly humbled by the experience.
When you have a dream or a vision and you put it out to the world it puts you in a very vulnerable place! You don’t know how the world with receive or perceive. So you step out on faith and go for it anyway, then to be lifted by so many supporters and loved ones! My heart runs over with gratitude.

If you couldn’t make it out you were truly missed! In partnership with Out of The Closet Thrift Store, I hosted my very first thrift swap- Let me give you the run down of the yesterday’s festivities!

Doors opened at 1 :

 Shelly, an avid swapper from the Upper East found my event through a random online search and brought over 100 items!! What a way to clear out your closet for some new goodies!

  As the afternoon warmed up so did the vibes in the beautiful space. (  Better Than Jam’s Store and Studio was such a perfect space! Was it not y’all? )

 Soon the racks and tables were filled with hats and scarfs and dresses and shoes.

Some swappers left fun memories pinned on the piece to share with the new owner!

 After a brief welcome and thanks to those who were there the swap BEGAN!

Others swappers found their swap match!

“Clap once if you hear me… ” lol


Everyone came out to swap!  


So many pieces were swapped and so many were  donated. Dropping pieces off this week, think I may need a van! Lol

 The feedback that I have received about this event has me speechless. One swapper suggested I have one each season another said I need to do it MONTHLY! I was flattered but moreso overcome with an aligning feeling that there is a space in this universe for my passion… And there are others in my community that share that very same passion.

Special Thanks to Ally ( could you believe we didn’t take any photos!) who stepped in last min and hit the ground running! She was the one taking all the awesome pics! You were a blessing to me!

 & Blessings, forever to you!

Thank you again to everyone that came out! All of my sisters and cuzzos, friends, my vendors Lisa & Bri, thank you to the bloggers and friends Sapphira, Noah, Coco who wrote and promoted the event, Shannon also a blogger who has always supported me and brought took over  Blavity snapchat for the event, my church family Kilita, I love you big sis! To all my supporters again, I say thank you!

Ear to the ground for the next swap date.

Oh and head over to My Facebook Page for more photos of the swap  and updates for the next one!    Swap with you soon!

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