Focus is MEAN in 20 16

House clothes comfy, Lauryn Hill’s voice meditative. (Thanks Pandora) As the room dimly lit and scented candles slowly become a backdrop, thoughts translate through the ink of my pen to pad as I manifest for 2016.

Had to set the scene for yall,  all about the Feng Shui lol

So, I asked myself:


Did you accomplish goals set out all in 2015?

Where and why did you stumble in areas you did?

What tools were you overlooking or using in effectively?

What do I need/want manifested in 2016?

Where do you start?

Almost immediately  “Discipline” was given to me… I rolled my eyes and hoped others would follow but instead what was given was the specific areas of my life that needed discipline,  so in obedience I wrote.

Subconsciously, I returned to  elementary school and  I began to jot thoughts and any words that came to mind on a brainstorming chart  relating to my central focus/ idea,  “discipline.”

This given word was no coincidence to my ears.  Truthfully, I knew this was an area I needed to work on in EVERY sector of my life.

Such a vulnerable yet aligning place to be, this was the perfect energy needed to begin my vision board!


  1. Funky designed cork board from Bobby’s Department Store ( under $10)
  2. Old magazines
  3. Scissors
  4. Fun knick knacks that spoke to my vision
  5. Of course my AWESOME  yellow glue gun, “Sunny.”

    (I’m a glue gun queen & I name EVERYTHING lol)

I am so beyond ecstatic with my board and the possibilities of this new year! Click on photo to check out my  vision board video that I created! Hope you enjoy!unnamed

Share your visions for 2016 with me and lets hold each other accountable for bringing them all to fruition!


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