“Although I am small, and I have only existed for a very short time, I am a part of something very large and very beautiful”


Fuggedaboutit! 5 NYC Commuter Acts of Kindness

I live in Brooklyn and it’s VERY  seldom you hear or read stories about kind, welcoming,  or friendly New Yorkers,in fact there are loads of articles about the very opposite. Huffington Post and  Time Out both compiled a list of jokes about New Yorkers in 2012 that over a million people read and shared! I read…

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Its On With DeVonne Thrift Swap!

The moment I have been waiting for is finally here! ::Drum roll please:: Its On With DeVonne is having a Thrift Swap! In Partnership with Out of the Closet Thrift Store Bring your gently used: Coats.        Specs.     Skirts. Shirts.        Pants.     Hats. Jewelry.     Blazers.  …

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Focus is MEAN in 20 16

House clothes comfy, Lauryn Hill’s voice meditative (Thanks  Pandora) as the room dimly lit and scented  candles slowly become a backdrop as the thoughts of my mind translate through the ink to pad as I manifest for 2016. Had to set the scene for yall,  all about the Feng Shui lol So I asked myself: “DeVonne,…

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