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Sara Bellum aka FatBellyBella aka Medulla Oblongata aka Low Down Loretta Brown… My Girl Erykah Badu



The beautifully dope, abundantly talented, conscious and timeless Erykah Badu SLAYED the Red Carpet for tonight’s 2015 Soul Train Awards on BET and Centric.

After hosting this very same awards show in 1998 and killing  the fashion game then in only a way a Nubian Goddess could:

UPI-upiphotos-5634264050It was only expected that Badu would pull out all the stops with her outfits and Honey, DID SHE! She commanded all attention with a floor-length fitted black gown with enormously dramatic staple sleeves.

tumblr_inline_nxghopnPm81te9s4t_1280Gown hugging every curve from the front

tumblr_inline_nxghsb7AAg1te9s4t_1280But can we talk about the back?!?  (#2016NoBackFatGoals) lol

Hope you all will be tuned in tonight for Badu’s flawless outfits to so many other award winning artists strutting their best on the Red Carpet.

What was your favorite Badu Fit?


P.S. Look for my name in the credits!


  1. I love Erika Badu her talent and her realness. That dress is awesome the back is stylishly exquisite! I don’t know if I’ll watch but maybe I’ll catch the Red Carpet pictures later……..


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